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Protecting our Customers

Mohan’s Custom Tailors’ Midtown Manhattan Showroom has REOPENED. We are dedicated to providing the safest possible environment for our customers in accordance with the New York City Department of Health’s “COVID-19: General Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfection for Non-Health Care Settings.”

Our fashion consultation desks now feature additional protective equipment and we are cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, with the greatest focus on shared and high-touch surfaces, and on our changing rooms and restrooms.

Mohan's has implemented all New York State and CDC recommended protocols to serve our clients safely.
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What Will You Wear?
What Will You Wear Now?
Working with an expert tailor like Mohan’s Custom Tailors can help you to prepare for what you will wear for a variety of needs and occasions scheduled for 2021.

#Elegant #gentlemen at all stages of life and career want to look their very best and stand out above the rest, doing so today in the most versatile-possible #menswear for work in new and changing paradigms and play. @Mohan_Tailors designs and handcrafts all of that fine #casual, #businesscasual and #formal #mensfashion with the greatest care, with attention to all details and makes them in exquisite fabrics. We can also remake your favorite items in your wardrobe!

Make an appointment with us today and experience the very best #bespoke menswear at remarkable #SALE prices! You can meet with us in our midtown Manhattan showroom according to @CDCgov and @NYgov / @NYCgov guidelines, or start our conversation via #ZOOM.

@Victor_Mohan_Official (212) 697-0050 MohansNYC.com [Click on our new Linktree link in our bio for SALE information and to purchase Mohan’s #GIFTCARDS online, and to read our latest blog post!]
The new year brings new hope in making plans, returning to offices and celebrating milestones. What will you wear? As we describe in this new blog post, @mohan_tailors can create 100% #custom #suits, #businesscasual or formal #menswear with the finest fabrics for any occasion.

Make an appointment today in-person — in our safe, clean showroom according to @cdcgov and @nygov / @nycgov guidelines — or via #Zoom today!

Contact @Victor_Mohan_Official (212) 697-0050 MohansNYC.com [Visit our new Linktree — LINK IN BIO — to read this post, learn about our sales, and more!]
True #bespoke Mohan's Custom Tailors - NYC #topcoats are without parallel for layering in #winter and other colder months, and the epitome of style, with 100% custom #buttons, #linings, #cuffs, #pockets and much more. And they are now on #SALE at extraordinary prices!!!

Our #mens #overcoats are made from some of the world's finest fabrics, including @dormeuil1842 (fabrics pictured here), @scabal, @zegnaofficial, @gladsonltd, @hardyminnis, @vitalebarberiscanonico1663, @reda1865, @loropianaofficial, @huddersfieldcloth and many others.

Make a design appointment in-person — in our safe, clean showroom according to @CDCgov and @NYGov / @NYCGov guidelines — or via #Zoom today.

@Victor_Mohan_Official (212) 697-0050 MohansNYC.com [Link in bio. #WINTER #SALE!]
The team at @Mohan_Tailors is closely watching the news about the upcoming #UFC257 face-off between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. The legendary McGregor has always been a great style icon, sometimes controversially, albeit continually fashion-forward. As quoted in British GQ in August 2019, where he was seen in photos sporting his menswear line: "My love for fashion and style came from my mother, my father and my family. Where we come from, we always took pride in the fact that we took care of ourselves and had fresh clothing."

@Victor_Mohan_Official is a dedicated follower of Ultimate Fighting and MMA. He and our team definitely agree with Mr. McGregor in one respect--that fine menswear makes stylish gentlemen stand out above the rest!

[Photo © Dave Fogarty. For British GQ.]

(212) 697-0050 MohansNYC.com
Always look and feel your very best and stand out above the rest in true #bespoke #casual, #businesscasual and #formal #menswear from #mensfashion icon, @Mohan_Tailors!

We 100% #custom #design and #handcraft #blazers, #jeans, #suits, tucked and untucked #shirts, #tuxedos, #chinos, #shorts, #topcoats and more in #modern #slimfit, #classicmodern, and #classic styles in exquisite #fabrics from  @zegnaofficial, @dormeuil1842, @Scabal, @gladsonltd, @hardyminnis, @vitalebarberiscanonico1663, @reda1865, @loropianaofficial, @huddersfieldcloth and other global leaders!

Make an appointment today in-person — in our safe, clean showroom according to @CDCGov and @NYGov / @NYCGov guidelines — or via #Zoom today!

@Victor_Mohan_Official (212) 697-0050 MohansNYC.com [Hit link in bio! #WINTER #SALE! Also: Purchase Mohan's #GIFTCARDS ONLINE (or call us).]
100% #custom #mens #formalwear from @Mohan_Tailors is always ready for current and near-future #milestone events! #Elegant, #durable and #longlasting, true #bespoke #Mohans #tuxedos, #tuxedojackets, #pants, #formal #shirts, #cumberbunds and #accessories are made in exquisite #fabrics from @zegnaofficial, @dormeuil1842, @Scabal, @gladsonltd, @hardyminnis, @vitalebarberiscanonico1663, @reda1865, @loropianaofficial, @huddersfieldcloth and other global leaders!

We also offer tailoring services for body changes for these fine garments for no additional fees for up to one year after the date of purchase! (Contact us for specific details.)

Make an appointment today for a #design consultation, either in-person — in our safe, clean showroom according to @CDCgov and @NYGov / @NYCgov guidelines — or via #Zoom today!

@Victor_Mohan_Official (212) 697-0050 MohansNYC.com [Link in bio. #SALE - UP TO 70% OFF! Also: Purchase Mohan's #GIFTCARDS online on our website (or call us)!]
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