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Michael Jai White – Final Bespoke Fitting
At the end of 2018, Victor Mohan traveled to Los Angeles to begin the process of suiting Michael Jai White, the New York-born (in Brooklyn, NY) film and television star and director, martial arts legend, and fitness expert...
How to Roll Your Shirt Sleeves
Four Ways to Roll Your Shirt Sleeves

On warm, sunny, spring and summer days, you may wish to roll up the sleeves of your bespoke-tailored, dress shirt or business-casual-style shirt. There are at least four ways to roll up the sleeves of a custom-fit shirt: The easy roll has all of the buttons undone and the sleeves…

What Men Should Wear to Summer Weddings

When you attend a summer wedding, whether it is a short drive away from New York City in the Hamptons, or in another location nearby or another state or a destination wedding, you should not wear standard business attire. Dark boardroom colors and heavy wool will be out of place…