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Wardrobe Essentials for the Modern Man

Mohan's Custom Tailors provides a guideline for menswear essentials, including suits, topcoats, shirts and more, for the modern New York gentleman.

New York is known as one of the world’s best dressed cities. But you don’t have to be a fashion expert to be a sharply-dressed gentleman, ready for events, work and other important moments and milestones in cities like New York and other fashion capitals. Being a well-dressed modern man only requires having a few key wardrobe essentials—cornerstones of your style. Mohan’s Custom Tailors, New York’s premier bespoke tailor for almost 50 years, provides a guideline for the stylish man.

Basic Solid and Striped Shirts

The most essential components of a modern wardrobe are high quality custom shirts. Shirts are the foundation of any outfit—think of them as the canvas for the rest of your ensemble. Typically, solid blue and white shirts are the most versatile, but having a few striped shirts as well can help diversify your outfit combinations. Custom shirts are preferable over off-the-rack options because they can be fitted to your body type, which leads to greater wear and more comfort.

Bespoke Suits

Another wardrobe essential is a collection of suits, preferably fully-tailored suits. Investing in a few light-colored and darker suits, including at least one in navy blue, gives you the versatility you need for work, weddings and other events that require you to dress up. You can also use your suit jackets, or blazers, over jeans and a t-shirt to polish a casual outfit. Bespoke suits, like the ones handcrafted by Mohan’s, are uniquely made to fit your body, which means that they’ll look far better than a department store suit.

Tailored Topcoat

When it gets chilly outside, having a topcoat that is versatile yet refined is important, especially a 100% bespoke overcoat. A tailored single- or double-breasted coat, or a chesterfield style coat, will not only keep you warm but will also look and wear better than a puffy winter coat or parka. Nothing ruins a well thought-out outfit more than a mismatched coat or jacket, so ditch the “marshmallow man” look for a slimmer, fitted coat designed to your specifications.

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