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MOHAN'S FABRICS The Essential Foundation

No matter the season, budget or occasion, we always find the perfect fabric for your custom creation—whether it’s a suit, shirt, tie or even kerchief. At Mohan’s, we offer the most comprehensive collection of fabrics, from our in-house English and Italian weaves to options from our world-famous exclusive partners. So you’ll always get the look you want and the luxury you love.

Our Exclusive Fabric Partners

Scabal · Loro Piana · Dormeuil · Ermenegildo Zegna · Vitale Barberis Canonico · Reda · Giorgio Vallino · Kerry Knoll · Drago · Hardy Minnis · J&J Minnis · Huddersfield · Hugo · Gladson · Anteros


Our Timeless Fabrics

Cotton · Linen · Crepe · Pin cord · Seersucker · Cashmere · Wool · Mink · Silk · Sharkskin Blends · Mohair · Flannels · Gabardines

Egyptian Cotton
The strongest, softest cotton, this fabric is ideal for lightweight custom shirts.
Vicuña Wool
This ultra-luxurious wool comes from the Andes and is known for its ability to retain heat.
A Hollywood go-to—their work has made appearances in The Godfather, The Titanic, Casino Royale and more.
Offers the utmost in customization. You can design your own lining or have a name or slogan woven into the suit stripe—made famous by boxer Conor McGregor.
Stays ahead of the curve with its Amadeus Action rage. Using advanced technology, this performance weave offers a distinctive soft stretch, a smooth drape and a sophisticated look.
Ermenegildo Zegna
A celebrity favorite, this 108-year-old company’s fabric is one of Italy’s most famed exports and Red Carpet staple.