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301 Madison Ave, 3rd Fl, New York, NY 10017

Mohan’s Heritage


“Every piece I look at myself. Every shirt, every suit.”

-Mike Mohan, Founder

Custom suiting is in Mike Mohan’s blood. Growing up in India, he acquired his vast knowledge of fabrics and client-centric approach from his family.

When he began to work with his brother, he gained appreciation for Savile Row-style suits and honed his fitting expertise.

 “I’m very good with tall people. It requires more attention—you have to do it right.”

-Mike Mohan

In 1972, Mike moved to the U.S. and opened the business—and celebrities soon followed.

When son Victor was born, a nurse noticed Mike’s impeccable suits and recommended him to her best friend—the mother of then-NBA draftee Patrick Ewing. He was soon outfitting clients like Walt Frazier, Kofi Annan and Ed Koch.

“When you walk into Mohan’s, you’re not just anyone. You’re part of our family.”

-Victor Mohan, Partner

50 years later, we continue to evolve with innovative fabrics, expanded services and more.

Our approach will always be the same–we love interacting with you and creating suits that make you genuinely happy.