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Appearing Taller in Custom Clothing
Dressing Tips to Make You Appear Taller
In our first 2020 blog post, the team at Mohan's Custom Tailors offers several important tips for making men look taller through careful wardrobe selections.
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What Is Mohair?
Mohan's Custom Tailors provides a brief overview of the elegant, durable, breathable Mohair Fabric, used to design and handcraft custom suits, jackets and more in rich colors.
A Guide to Black Tie Formalwear
A Gentleman’s Guide to Black Tie Formalwear
New York's Mohan's Custom Tailors, a premier bespoke menswear designer and tailor since 1972, offers tips for how to look for precisely what you need when shopping for formalwear for your next black tie event.
Tailor measuring client for custom made suit tailoring
Tips for Talking to Your Tailor

“Bespoke” represents the process of having a conversation with the makers of a fine handcrafted item to personalize it and receive advice from experts on how to achieve the best possible product. The term originated in the late 16th Century, but came to its most frequent use in the mid-1800s…