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Brandon King, Obi Melifonwu, and Sean Stellato (Football)

New England Patriots stars Brandon King and Obi Melifonwu, Sean Stellato , and Victor Mohan

Mohan’s Custom Tailors was honored to create bespoke menswear for linebacker, Brandon King (#36), and safety, Obi Melifonwu (#22), of the 2019 Super Bowl LIII Champions, the New England Patriots. Sean Stellato, superstar agent, as well as a motivational speaker and author – a longtime Mohan’s client (a member of what we call the Mohan’s family) – introduced the two champion players to Victor Mohan to design ideal custom suits, shirts and more, in sharp, stylish, contemporary styles that also fit their athletic frames.

The suiting process began right after the players’ Super Bowl win. Mr. King, Mr. Melifonwu and Mr. Stellato came to the Mohan’s showroom for a consultation with Victor, legendary tailor, Mike Mohan, and the Mohan’s team, including fabric and style selection and the fitting process using Mohan’s unique Custom Shell technology.

This month, the players and their star agent came back to Mohan’s for the final suiting process. They also offered testimonials to the quality and culture of Mohan’s that bring long-term relationships with all clients.

Mr. King said: “Everything that they put into it is top quality… having a custom suit that fits you like you’re wearing your skin…” He described the advantages of a Mohan’s fit: “You don’t have any restrictions you can move freely… you don’t have to worry about things not done the right way…” Mr. King then affirmed that the Mohan’s experience is, “A-1 top to bottom.”

Mr. Melifonwu agreed: “These suits are great. It’s hard, especially being athletes, finding a suit that’s going to be able to fit you, fit your physique… we have big thighs, but a small waist and a big chest…” He described that it’s difficult to “get a suit that fits you… like a glove”, but that Mohan’s provided the ideal fit.

“One thing I love about Mohan’s there’s a lot of passion there’s a lot of pride in its history…”, said Sean Stellato in the video testimonial featuring the two superstar players. “We all want to be the best in our crafts… and we strive for excellence every day… we all share that passion.”

Victor Mohan paid tribute to the three greats: “Just like Mohan’s is the champion of bespoke, we have Super Bowl champions and we have a champion (Sean) right here.”


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