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Michael Jai White (Actor)

Michael Jai White, Hollywood, martial arts and fitness legend, visited the Mohan's Custom Tailors Midtown Manhattan showroom to pick up his 100% bespoke garments designed and handcrafted by the Mohan's team.

Victor Mohan and Michael Jai White
At the end of 2018, Victor Mohan traveled to Los Angeles to begin the process of suiting Michael Jai White, the New York-born (in Brooklyn, NY) film and television star and director, martial arts legend, and fitness expert. White is the star of 1997’s superhero epic, “Spawn”, as well as the current films, “The Hard Way” (on Netflix) and “Triple Threat”, Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married?” and “Why Did I Get Married Too?” and the series “Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse”, of “Mortal Kombat: Legacy”, Mike Tyson in the HBO movie “Tyson”, the title role in “Black Dynamite”, and Gambol in Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster, “The Dark Knight”, among many other prominent parts.

Mr. White and his wife, Gillian Iliana White, worked with Victor Mohan, the legendary Mike Mohan, and Mohan’s’ team to craft the perfect bespoke-tailored suits and other items that correspond with this great star’s stylish sense of fashion and his athletic body. Previous blog and social media posts on our site and Instagram, Facebook and other channels, show details of the process from fabric selection through the use of Mohan’s unique custom shell technology and measurements to create Mr. White’s ideal look and fit.

This month, Mr. White visited the Mohan’s Custom Tailors Midtown Manhattan showroom to pick up his garments, to meet the Mohan’s team once again, and newly meet members of Victor’s family, and to provide a wonderful testimonial about his experience and great satisfaction with Mohan’s.


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