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Choosing the Right Suit Print


Fit, color, fabric and style–these are just a few of the attributes that you should consider when shopping for a suit, jacket or other items for your business, business casual or formal wardrobe. One of the characteristics that many people mistakenly overlook is the suit print. The right print can make you look taller, fitter and more stylish. Conversely, the wrong print can be unflattering and make your outfit appear second-rate. From pinstripes to plaids, New York men’s fashion leader, Mohan’s Custom Tailors, provides a guide for choosing the right suit print for all suits and other men’s clothing, including the 100% custom items handcrafted by Mohan’s and the very best of men’s tailors.


Faint pinstripes look sleek and sophisticated. A pinstripe suit, jacket and pants also work visual wonders. In addition to making a man look taller, pinstripes makes larger men look more slender, and thinner men look a bit more muscular. If you have your sights set on a pinstripe suit, go to a reputable custom tailor or other fine seller, as pinstripes from less reputable brands tend to be unattractive and garish.


Coming from Scotland, plaid is a checkered pattern that is hundreds of years old. Plaid suits are timeless–according to Smithsonian Magazine, “it’s one of the most widespread, recognizable and ubiquitous designs in the world”, originally named tartan, “which was first used to describe the individual colors and patterns used to decorate the clothes of different Scottish clans.” Today, it is a measure of one type of the finest men’s garments, and one of the best styles to wear in a modern wardrobe.


With multiple columns of parallel lines that resemble the bones of a fish, herringbone is a pattern known for its visual appeal. If you want to be distinguished at a formal event, business meeting, or a night out, let your confidence and style show with a herringbone suit.


There’s no substitute for a well-tailored suit with a solid color print. With a solid print custom suit or separates, you let a garment’s impeccable tailoring flatter your body and frame your style. Whether you want to blend in while looking sharp and handsome in a navy, grey, or black suit—or you want to stand out in a shade of white, cream, beige, burgundy, or green—fine menswear sellers and makers (including the true bespoke Mohan’s Custom Tailors) always have the looks that you need.

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