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Jaeden Graham NFL Atlanta Falcons in his Mohan’s Bespoke Suit

"Christmas came early" for Jaeden Graham, NFL Atlanta Falcons superstar tight-end, when Victor Mohan surprised him by sending his 100% custom-designed Mohan's Custom Tailors suit and shirt to his home.

Featured Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images. From Fansided.com. © 2020 Minute Media All Rights Reserved.

In 2019, Mohan’s Custom Tailors had the honor of consulting with Jaeden Graham of the NFL Atlanta Falcons for the design and handcrafting of bespoke menswear–a 100% custom suit and accessories. The Falcons tight end, who was a first team All-Ivy League honoree at Yale, visited the Mohan’s showroom to work with Mike Mohan and Victor Mohan on all aspects of design and special details for his new wardrobe items. These included distinctive fabrics, colors, patterns, pockets, buttons and other features, including a unique (rare) lining.

The next step in our process would have been to completely design the suit and shirts, then, when they were custom-made, to have Mr. Graham back in our showroom for a final fitting. However, the global COVID-19 pandemic occurred, and due to all of the changes in everyone’s schedules, we were not able to arrange the second in-person appointment in the early part of 2020.

A Surprise for Mr. Graham

Following the reopening of Mohan’s, Victor Mohan decided to surprise Mr. Graham by sending the suit and shirts to his home. Upon receiving the package this week, he was so thrilled with the quality, design and fit of his suit and shirts that he posted unboxing videos and photos on his official Instagram page–writing the following beautiful words:

“Christmas came early this year! Thank you @mohan_tailors for the incredible custom bespoke 3 piece suit! Fitted before the pandemic and Mohan’s still found a way to make it happen. Fits perfectly! Thank you! Can’t wait to see you guys again soon! #bespoke”

Everyone at Mohan’s is thrilled with the success of this project. We look forward to many continued great things from Mr. Graham, a true football superstar (and extraordinary scholar-athlete!), and to having an opportunity to work with him again!

See the Unboxing Video and Pics Below

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