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Try These Three Simple and Stylish Tie Knots

The best part about your favorite tie is that you can wear it in a bunch of different styles . Certain ties lend themselves to specific knot styles, and certain custom shirts in Manhattan pair well with specific ties. Grab your favorite custom shirt, take a look at this video, and try these three simple and stylish tie knots when choosing your custom clothing.

The Four In Hand is a popular knot that can be a great choice for both silk and knitted ties, and it appears long and slender. The Half Windsor, on the other hand, is a knot that can widely range in size depending on your technique, taste, and custom dress shirt. A Kent knot is not seen as often as the others, and it manifests as a small and tidy knot between your collar points. This type of knot tends to look best with ties that are thin and knitted.

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