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Well-Suited: Mohan’s, of Midtown, Dresses Chelsea Resident for Success – Chelsea Now

A June 27, 2018, article by Scott Stiffler, Art Editor of Chelsea Now, told the story of how Mohan’s Custom Tailors outfitted student athlete, “Alexis Ottenwarde, a young man born and raised”, according to the article, “in Chelsea.” Stiffler wrote: “Through the years, Mohan’s Custom Tailors has handcrafted suits for athletes, entertainers, dignitaries, and New York personalities.” He explained that Mohan’s “reached out to Chelsea Now to offer their services to a deserving neighborhood resident,” to provide that person with the “Mohan’s Experience.” Chelsea Now contacted “Lisa Jasienowski, co-founder of the nonprofit group Infirnity,” who, the article continued, “referred Alexis as a hardworking alumnus of their program, which combines mentorship, basketball coaching, and academic support.” “Chelsea Now followed Alexis through the process of selecting fabric, getting fitted, and walking out with a custom suit — compliments of the Mohan’s team,” the article delineated.

In the article, Stiffler described that “Mike Mohan founded the business in 1972,” and when “working out of a hotel room. He received his first celebrity client, New York basketball legend Patrick Ewing, through a stroke of extraordinarily good luck.” After this, as the business began to grow, the author continued, “Mohan’s next worked with one of the NBA’s all-time style icons, all thanks to a playful rivalry.” Mr. Mohan’s son, Victor Mohan, now Vice President of Mohan’s Custom Tailors recalled that the other great was, “Walt Frazier,” whom “in 1982,” said, “You’re advertising with Ewing, but I’m the champion. I’m the style guy.” This led to Mohan’s having become “Frazier’s suit supplier of choice.”

When Alexis was suited, he “opted for a few personalized details, including monogrammed shirt cuffs (although without Victor’s preferred French cuffs).” The article went on: “Alexis returned a few weeks after the fitting to receive the completed suit. The fit was perfect, earning Mohan’s another satisfied client.”





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