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Signs You Need to Tailor Your Suit

Purchasing a bespoke suit is one of the greatest sartorial decisions you can make. The moment you put on a jacket that is designed to fit you and only you by the team at the legendary Mohan’s Custom Tailors, or other bespoke men’s tailors, you feel a palpable and incomparable sense of confidence. Every man should have at least one finely-tailored suit in his closet; if you’re trying to decide whether you should get a bespoke suit, the answer is “yes.”

Men with unusual body shapes tend to benefit the most from tailored suits. If you’re tall, short, skinny, or rotund, buying a bespoke suit may be your only chance to get a suit that fits you properly. Of course, you don’t have to purchase a 100% tailored suit to benefit from a tailor’s services. You could have a tailor alter a suit that you’ve owned for years or that you just purchased off a rack. If the shoulders are too big, the sleeves are too long, or the waist is too wide, an experienced tailor can dramatically improve the fit.

Make an Appointment with Mohan’s Custom Tailors

Please make an appointment for a true bespoke experience with Mohan’s Custom Tailors in our Midtown Manhattan (NYC) Showroom — conveniently located across the street from Grand Central Station — by calling (212) 697-0050, or completing the brief form on the “Book an Appointment” page of our website.