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Choosing Between a Two- and Three-Button Suit

Men’s suits are typically found with either two or three buttons. Either of these options can look great on the right person, but both can fail to impress if on the wrong body type. You should always take into account your body type before choosing a two- or three-button style, especially when considering a custom-tailored suit.

Two-Button Suit Style

The right fit can make or break a suit, and two-button suits tend to offer a nice fit to a wider range of people . The two-button suit looks natural and can enhance the appearance of a variety of different body types. The deep “V” that this style offers allows for a bigger stomach and torso to feel and look comfortable. A two-button suit can also be an attractive choice for shorter individuals. If you are someone who enjoys peak lapels on a single-breasted jacket, you may enjoy the way the two-button style can accentuate your lapels and offer a classic look. The two-button look is also excellent for sports jackets because it buttons up lower and offers extra room.

Three-Button Suit Style

The three-button suit is a bit less accessible than its two-button counterpart. It typically takes a specific body type to pull off this type of suit. Younger men who are on the thinner side may look towards three-button styles when choosing a new suit. This style also works well for individuals with athletic body types. If you are particularly tall and have felt awkward in a two-button suit, a three-button suit may be more flattering. The top button of this suit will sometimes be buttoned, the middle will always be buttoned, and the bottom will never be buttoned.

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