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Four Ways to Roll Your Shirt Sleeves

How to Roll Your Shirt Sleeves

On warm, sunny, spring and summer days, you may wish to roll up the sleeves of your bespoke-tailored, dress shirt or business-casual-style shirt. There are at least four ways to roll up the sleeves of a custom-fit shirt:

  • The easy roll has all of the buttons undone and the sleeves roll up from there.
  • The neat roll has the sleeve button done, and the sleeve is rolled up twice from there.
  • The relaxed roll has undone buttons but follows the same fold as the previous example.
  • The slim roll is the tightest roll of the four. You will fold the shirt cuff halfway, then roll up the sleeve from there. This roll often goes above the elbow.

Watch the following video to see examples (it was published in 2014, but it is still just as relevant and fashion-forward today).

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