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What Men Should Wear to Summer Weddings

When you attend a summer wedding, whether it is a short drive away from New York City in the Hamptons, or in another location nearby or another state or a destination wedding, you should not wear standard business attire. Dark boardroom colors and heavy wool will be out of place and uncomfortable, especially if the wedding is in the afternoon in the hot sun.

Lighter colors such as grey, light blue, tan, or white, in breathable fabrics like cotton, linen or special blends, are recommended for comfort. However, because many off-the-rack summer suits and summer jacket and slacks combinations are made to have the broadest capacity to keep you cool, they are not cut for a perfect fit. Mohan’s Custom Tailors recommends a bespoke-tailored summer look. A fitted outfit will get you noticed at, and feeling the most special for, a summer wedding or any other warm-weather event that you attend.

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