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New York Rangers Superstar Goalie Alexandar Georgiev Suited Up at Mohan’s and Interview with Curran Bhatia

NHL New York Rangers superstar goaltender, Alexandar Georgiyevich Georgiev, had a bespoke consultation with Mohan's Custom Tailors on November 19. Curran Bhatia, Emmy-nominated sports host and producer, interviewed the Rangers star for his "Ask the Expert" series at the Mohan's showroom during this exciting custom menswear design consult.

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On November 19, 2019, Mohan’s Custom Tailors had the honor of meeting the National Hockey League (NHL) New York Rangers star goaltender, the Bulgarian-born, Alexandar Georgiyevich Georgiev Александр Георгиевич Георгиев, and to commence the process of handcrafting 100% custom menswear — suits and accessories — for him with an initial bespoke consultation with Victor Mohan and the Mohan’s Team. During the consultation, Georgiev was interviewed at the Mohan’s Midtown Manhattan showroom by Curran Bhatia, the Emmy-nominated, former HBO Sports producer, who is currently the host and producer of the “Ask the Experts (ATE) Podcast,” which focuses on combat sports, and conducts and produces other major sports interviews.

Alexandar Georgiev’s Rise to the NHL

Despite “two standout seasons with” the Finland-based, TPS, “showing developmental promise, Georgiev went undrafted through the 2017 NHL Entry Draft,” then had the great opportunity to have been “invited to participate in the New York Rangers’ developmental camp.” Then, “on 18 July 2017, he agreed to a three-year, entry-level contract with the Rangers. On 22 February 2018, Georgiev made his NHL debut where he made 38 saves as the Rangers lost 3–1 to the Montreal Canadiens.” The rest, as they say, is history–as Mr. Georgiev, currently only 23 years old, sees his star rise.

Georgiev’s New York Rangers First, Henrik Lundquist and Living the Dream

In the interview, Mr. Bhatia indicated that Mr. Georgiev, “is the very first Bulgarian-born (Bulgarian-Russian) player ever to play in the NHL.” Mr. Georgiev replied, “That’s a great honor… I feel a lot of support coming from Bulgaria right now.” Mr. Bhatia discussed that Mr. Georgiev follows the legendary Rangers goalie, Henrik Lundquist, “an icon in New York.” Mr. Georgiev said, humbly, that, “he’s a celebrity and as famous a hockey guy that you can find… when on the team with him, you don’t try to think about him as an accomplished hockey player and a future Hall of Famer… just a great teammate. He continued, “you try to see what he’s doing that makes him successful and to compete together.” Mr. Bhatia mentioned that for a long period, Mr. Georgiev, “went undrafted,” and then, “had this opportunity with the Rangers,” and he asked Georgiev asked how that felt/feels. “It always feels great, but not many believed (*in me) from the hockey scouts when I was 18-19 years old… I can be an example for other kids who may be overlooked.” “Now, you’re finally here, you’re living your dream,” Mr. Bhatia said, and asked, “what does that mean to you?” Mr. Georgiev replied: “You try to enjoy it every single day… and be in the moment.”



Bespoke Menswear Consultation with Mohan’s Custom Tailors

In his meeting with Victor Mohan, Mr. Georgiev was first introduced to the Mohan’s Wall of Fame, wherein he saw images of great sports, Hollywood, political, business and other prominent figures, past and present whom, like Mr. Georgiev, this emerging superstar, have been suited by the Mohan’s Team, pioneered, and still co-helmed with Victor, by legendary New York business executive, our founder, Mike Mohan. They turned to the fashion consultation, wherein Victor reviewed styles, fabrics and other elements for 100% custom menswear creation. Mr. Georgiev was then measured by the team, including Mohan’s Master Tailor, Ken Wong, with final details confirmed — after our signature multiple measurement process using our unique custom shell technology — by Victor and Mike Mohan.

We were honored to meet this young star. Another Mohan’s client was in the showroom at the time, and came up to Mr. Georgiev and said to him, “You’re a hockey player? I thought you were a model!” We are eager to see how this great Ranger’s player will look in the bespoke garments that we create for him.


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