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Suits and Other Fashion Garments for Slim Men


Shopping for suits can be a significant challenge if you’re a thinner/slimmer gentleman. Beyond the difficulties in finding the right suit and trouser sizes, you may also find that off-the-rack suit options are simply not flattering for more slender builds. That’s why working with a bespoke menswear designer and tailor like New York City’s renowned Mohan’s Custom Tailors is ideal for thinner men looking to invest in high quality suits, business casual combinations (of jackets and pants), shirts, topcoats and accessories.

Slim Man’s Style Guide – What To Wear When You Are Skinny & Lean [VIDEO]

To learn more about the factors that go into choosing the right suit for a slender build, check out this video (below) from Gentlemen’s Gazette. In the video, you’ll learn how different features such as color, trouser styles and patterns and more can help to enhance the way you look in a suit. You may also get some inspiration to start planning the design and fitting of a bespoke suit with us!

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Please make an appointment with Mohan’s Custom Tailors for a consultation and fitting for the ultimate level of bespoke-tailored shirts for interviews and other milestones. We are conveniently located across the street from Grand Central Station. You may call us at (212) 697-0050, or complete the brief form on the “Book an Appointment” page of our website.