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Tips for Talking to Your Tailor

“Bespoke” represents the process of having a conversation with the makers of a fine handcrafted item to personalize it and receive advice from experts on how to achieve the best possible product. The term originated in the late 16th Century, but came to its most frequent use in the mid-1800s in London, England’s famed Savile Row–this, for the design and hand making of custom men’s suits. It is this process that is used to create the highest fashion, including that undertaken by custom men’s tailors that produce handcrafted suits, shirts, jackets, pants, formalwear, overcoats and other menswear accessories. This tradition continues today, and a true bespoke process — from the inception of the conversation, a consultation with fashion experts, to the selection of the most elegant fabrics for formal, business and business casual, to the hand-sewing of an impeccable garment, to the final fitting — is furthered, uniquely, only by tailors like Mohan’s Custom Tailors. But how does the conversation start, and how do you communicate your wants and needs to our fashion consultants and master tailors? Here are some tips for talking to a tailor.

Understand Different Types of Fabrics

It is valuable to do a little research before visiting us, especially if it is your first time. Mohan’s, or any fine bespoke tailor, will have an extensive working knowledge of the various fabrics that can be used to create the suit, and having some background knowledge of your own can be helpful to align your thinking. The type of fabric you choose will impact the level of comfort you feel while you wear your suit, in addition to the way it looks on you.

Compare Existing Designs

You can most effectively convey your point when you have something to compare. If you are having trouble communicating what you have in mind to us, consider finding a photograph of a suit or other garment that looks similar to what you envision yourself wearing. Do not be afraid to show your tailor this image and to point out the aspects that you would like to incorporate into your bespoke garment. If you have never been fit for a custom suit, tuxedo, shirt, etc. before, you might want to take an idea or two from those who are known for their sense of fashion. No idea at all? That’s okay too–Mohan’s can help!

Sizing and Fit

You may walk into our showroom with an idea that you want the latest styles or cuts for your menswear. Occasionally, these looks are not timeless, or may not be the best design for your comfort, body type, weather conditions, or other critical factors. The bespoke conversation, talking to your tailor, enables you to work together with us to take your concept and make it work most effectively for you while also meeting your fashion desires, and also to stand the test of time. We want you to be the happiest that you can be with the final product, not only now, but in the near and more distant future.

Make an Appointment with Mohan’s Custom Tailors

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Please make an appointment with Mohan’s Custom Tailors for the ultimate level of bespoke consultation, design and fitting. We are conveniently located in a landmark New York building, across the street from the legendary Manhattan landmark, Grand Central Station. You may contact us by phone at (212) 697-0050, or by completing the brief form on the “Book an Appointment” page of our website.