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301 Madison Ave, 3rd Fl, New York, NY 10017

Celebrity Showcase

Michael Jai White (Actor)
Michael Jai White, Hollywood, martial arts and fitness legend, visited the Mohan's Custom Tailors Midtown Manhattan showroom to pick up his 100% bespoke garments designed and handcrafted by the Mohan's team.
Bernie Williams (Baseball)

Bernie Williams, the New York Yankees baseball legend, four-time World Series Champion, and five-time MLB All-Star center fielder, and also a musician, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, is seen in this vintage image with Mike Mohan of Mohan’s Custom Tailors, being measured for a 100% bespoke, handcrafted suit, in the…

Gary “The Kid” Carter (Baseball)

The late, great catcher, Gary “The Kid” Carter, whose 19-year Major League Baseball (MLB) career was spent primarily with the New York Mets and Montreal Expos, is seen here in this vintage photo, being suited by Mike Mohan in the original Mohan’s Custom Tailors showroom. In 2003, Carter was inducted…

Johnny Azari (Comedian and Musician)

Johnny Azari (Brooklyn), the popular Iranian-American comedian and musician, is seen here at a fitting for 100% bespoke menswear at the Mohan’s Custom Tailors showroom. Our well-known client and friend has headlined in 42 states, filmed his first hour, “The Revolution Will Be Hilarious,” in Brooklyn, 2017 and recorded his…